Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas in the Boondocks

A wise man once said that Christmas was like a senior citizen eating prunes: it may be painful, but this, too, will soon pass.

We have many quirky neighbors and much odd scenery here in Greater Clear Creek. When viewed from a moving automobile on the winding road, the pictured truck appears to race the barn. The barn leans forward, and seems to be pull ahead by a nose (if barns had noses). I've tried often, without success, to capture this illusion in a photograph (if illusion it be). Ultimately I gave up, concluding that motion was a necessary ingredient of the effect. It eludes still photography.

Nevertheless, when the folks who live nearby decorated the old truck in Christmas finery, I decided it was time to share the image with the world. Or that portion of the world who follows my blog.

Hello, Mother. Merry Christmas.

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