Monday, June 14, 2010

Flash Fiction From a Visit to the City

A Walk through Midtown
by Randy Lowens

The Asian man with the leashed terriers watches as I pass. He wears a hemmed sleeveless shirt that frames a peacock tattoo. His face is open, friendly without smiling. Hungry, but I don't play that. Okay, maybe once or twice, but not as a habit.

Empty stretch of sidewalk up Argonne Avenue. A woman, young and blond, approaches. She's got a nice build, but I'm too old, too ordinary. She refuses eye contact.

Turn down Fourth Street towards Mrtyle. A brunette, my age, approaches at ten o'clock. Cute, not gorgeous. Maybe a chance. She turns to look, an act that seems to require more effort than it should. The fear in her eyes makes my chest collapse in a vacuum.

Back at the apartment, I slouch on the sofa, punching buttons and staring at the window behind the television as the channels strobe past.

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