Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Backwoods Charm

For some time I've been poking fun at misspelled, poorly worded, and generally ill-considered signs around rural Kentucky. Today I take a break from criticism, and say a kind word or two.

It would be easy to belittle the homemade banner above. But I have to admit, I like passing through areas where folks aren't embarrassed to wear their community affections on their sleeves. Or on their barns.

And I especially like this homemade message nailed to a tree in Garrard County: "Luv Kentucky?" it asks. "Don't litter."

I an writing again, after a semi-hiatus of some six months. Rather than being posted here first, stories are upcoming in the online journals A-Minor and Dew on the Kudzu, and also in a good old-fashioned print publication titled Wrong Tree Review. (The print aspect is old-fashioned; I'm sure the content of the second issue, like the inaugural, will be cutting edge.)

Also, a friend pointed out that while this blog contained submission guidelines, it had no contact information. This omission has been corrected, and I look forward to introducing you to some local talent soon. See y'all next time.

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