Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sign of the Times (and some stories, too)

To begin with, I am proud to have had a couple of stories accepted recently. The previously unpublished Breakfast in a Macon Diner appeared in A-Minor Magazine and The Hammer and Sickle Tattoo in Dew on the Kudzu. Big thanks to Sheldon and Idgie for liking them.

I've had a ton of fun taking pot shots at Kentucky signage, but lately I'm feeling somber. A locally owned, indie grocery store in Richmond, in business far longer than I've been a Kentuckian, recently shut its doors.

A few weeks later the restaurant next door, another Richmond landmark, took a break from their usual advertisement of soup-and-sandwich specials to post the following:

(For a larger image click here.)

The sign says, "Without your business we will have to close".

Things are tough all over. I hope you, dear reader, are faring better than this #%#$@&% economy. Until next time.

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