Monday, September 5, 2011

August Was a Very Good Month

During the previous month, two new stories and a poem of mine found their way into publication. Many thanks to Russell Streur, Rusty Barnes, and Alison Ross for digging my work.

In spite of the name, "The Confrontation" may be the closest thing to a love story I have written:

"The interior of the apartment was cool but she brought the wet heat inside with her, her words erupting before the door had closed behind her. There were no pauses between sentences. 'Damn it, Gabriel, we got to talk, you are moving way too fast, I mean, I like you, I like you a lot, you know that, but you just got to hold your horses and slow down a minute.' She stood, breathing, waiting for a response..."

To read the complete text at The Camel Saloon, click here.

"Waiting for the Man", on the other hand, lands squarely in the grit lit aisle. I consider it one of my better efforts in that genre.

"He didn't flinch when the metal roof popped on the far side of the trailer. Just kept look­ing out­side, eyes level, gaze steady. Fin­ger­tips rest­ing lightly on the windowsill. Cops had been watching Lester from the pine forest out back for days. Maybe weeks. It was hard to remember how long. Seemed like a century he had crouched at this window, watching and waiting. He wouldn't give the bastards the satisfaction
of making the first move. Besides, he had one more cook to finish..."

To read the complete text at Fried Chicken and Coffee, click here.

And finally a poem, "Coffee Shop Renegades", was published in Atlanta's subversive journal Clockwise Cat, and may be found here.

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