Monday, January 17, 2011

Landscape with Strange Fruit Trees

In the first couple of posts of 2011, we revisit the original purpose of this space, Southern/Appalachian short fiction. Landscape with Strange Fruit Trees recently appeared in Wrong Tree Review. (Big shout out to Jarrid and Sheldon for all their fine work on this issue. I've read it cover to cover, and it rocks.)

"In cutoff shorts and a backless halter, Sonja was more skin than fabric. A businessman in khakis and loafers, browsing the aisle behind the group, paused to examine her. His gaze swept from her ankles to her legs and lingered below her slender waistline as though trying to penetrate the scrap of cloth there. His inspection continued up her young, bare back to the brunette coif draped across her shoulders. Tiny hairs bristled on the back of her neck. She glanced over her shoulder, but he was already walking away...."

For the entire story, click here


  1. Read during lunch this after. Amazing.

  2. Thanks, anonymous. That means a lot, coming from you.

  3. Just saw this posting, man. Was happy as hell to have the story to share. Glad people are digging it.

  4. Thanks, Sheldon. Being included in WTR, with those other amazing authors, is a point of great pride for me.